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    Demos GM application

    D e M o`
    D e M o`

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    Demos GM application

    Post by D e M o` on 6/8/2009, 6:33 pm

    Ok im not gona make this a long application just get the basic information out of the way

    Name: Jay Dion
    Location: Chicago, Illinois:U.S.A

    why i wanna be a gm: well im on pretty much the whole day cause i finally graduated high school and seems like most of the time im on theres no gms on so no woe salary, no event server gets pretty boring when you already got your items for your characters, im not saying that i will host an event like all the time prolly 5 times a day more if you allow me. im saying if i become a gm i wont abuse the power ill just try to make in game playing more fun and exciting. I am just trying to provide outer with another helping hand, i know my way around ro pretty well so i can help anyone thats got questions and if i just get the job to hand out woe salary i will be fine with that i just wanna make outerlimit ro more interesting and the events i can provide for this server will make it happen.
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    Re: Demos GM application

    Post by V i s i O n on 6/20/2009, 3:30 am


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