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    Botting for other items


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    Botting for other items

    Post by Sarah on 2/26/2010, 5:31 am

    Many people have asked me how to bot for quest items and other items need for poison bottle making, etc etc

    Well here is a guide on how to do that, it's easier than you think.

    First off decide what item you want to bot for and get the item's information, example: ID, what drops it, most common place for that monster and which other monsters are in that map (important) you can do that at http://ratemyserver.net/

    I'm gonna do mine on an Apple

    Apple's Item ID is 512, it is dropped by many monsters but its most common is Stapo on map ra_fild08

    Now that we have our information we can start reconfiguring our bot.

    First off go to your Bot File mine is F:\OuterLimitRO\SarahBOT
    and then go into the control folder and open Config.txt

    Scroll down or use ctrl+F and find lockmap lou_fild01 and then change it to ra_fild08, save it and close the file

    Now open the items_control.txt file and look for your item, make sure it is NOTin the list, if it is, simply backspace it out of the list. Then save and close.

    Now open macros, this is not really needed but its good just incase u want another item, or your character accidentally teleports into a warp (only if you have teleport skill). Change the lou_fild01 into ra_fild08 and if i wanted to also autoloot stapo card i'd change 7539 to 4424, save and close it.

    Now open mon_control.txt this is very important, or else your bot will automatically attack every monster it sees. In this you scroll down to where it says ##### Eggs #####, make a new line underneath it and type in all monsters EXCEPT the monster you want to loot from. Type the monsters as the following "Monster Name" "0 0 0". Then save and close.

    Last step is to open pickupitems.txt and it should say:

    all 0
    Gold 2
    Poring Coin 2
    etc, etc

    Make a new line in between all and Gold and type the NAME of the item not the ID and then two, mine would be:

    all 2
    Apple 2
    Gold 2
    etc etc

    Now you have successfully reconfigured your bot to hunt other items, have fun botting.

    From Sarah

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    Re: Botting for other items

    Post by Janice on 2/26/2010, 9:52 am

    finally, someone took the trouble making a guide ^_^

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