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    Wizard (Jupitel Thunder) Equipment / Stat Build Guide

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    Wizard (Jupitel Thunder) Equipment / Stat Build Guide

    Post by M a d n e s s on 6/3/2010, 11:14 am


    TOP: +10Valkyrie Helm[2] or Any (1 Evil Snake Lord Card or Katrin Keyron Card,1 Gemini Card)
    MID: Dopple Aura[2] or Any (1 Snake Freeze Card, 1 Maya Purple Card)
    LOWER: Leaf or Any Custom Wings (2 Gemini Card)

    *I prefer Leaf it adds +2 Int Smile
    *3 Gemini Card for total resistance against Stone Curse
    *1 Snake Freeze Card for total resistance against Freeze


    Cursed Armor[2] (2 Tao Gunka Card)

    *If you doesnt have elemental potions:
    *Cursed Armor[2] (1 Tao Gunka Card, 1 Ghostring Card)
    *Cursed Armor[2] (1 Tao Gunka Card, 1 Angeling Card)
    *Cursed Armor[2] (1 Tao Gunka Card, 1 Bathory Card)


    Note: Evil Bone Wand cuts def by half and it adds MATK+15% and also +4 INT

    +10 Evil Bone Wand[4] (4 Hill Wind Card)

    *Hill Wind adds +5% more damage with Jupitel Thunder,Lord of Vermilion and Thunder Storm.


    Valkyrja's Shield[2] (1 Maya Card, 1 Thara Frog Card)
    *For Magic Users

    Valkyrja's Shield[2] (2 Thara Frog Card)


    Wizardmanteau adds 25% additional damage on Jupitel Thunder

    Wizardmanteau[2] (2 Deviling Card)


    Wizardmanteau[2] (2 Raydric Card)

    -Resistance against neutral attacks of Champion(Asura Strike) & Paladin(Sacrifice)

    Wizardmanteau[2] (1 Jakk Card, 1 Marse Card)
    Wizardmanteau[2] (1 Dustiness Card,1 Hode Card)
    Wizardmanteau[2] (1 Isis Card,1 Myst Card)

    -Resistance against elemental attacks


    Snake Shoes[2] or Punk Shoes[2] (2 Fallen Bishop Hibram Card)


    OLROIntMegs+80[4] (4 Alligator Card)
    OLROIntMegs+80[4] (3 Alligator Card,1 Horong Card)



    Str: 500
    Agi: 500
    Vit: 275
    Int: 500
    Dex: 500
    Luk: 500


    I want to post this to help new players to have a idea in making a equipment build in this high rate server. thanks OuterlimitRO! more power!

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