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    jusper for apply ^^



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    jusper for apply ^^

    Post by Jasper on 7/4/2009, 12:38 pm

    Name:Jusper Leon
    Location:Mobile,Alabama USA
    Age:18years old
    GM position: Refund,Event,support gm

    i am here to apply for GM so that theres a GM in USA at morning cause i didnt see any GM online when its midnight in

    Philippines.. i want to help other players to be satisfied in this game. i'm not promising to be loyal. i just do

    it! i play Ragnarok since its start on this world.. i'd already become GM in other private server.. i'll do anything

    just to be fair to all players.

    if you ever accept to become a gm just IM me in my Yahoo Messenger or mail me at jusperleon@yahoo.com Thank You!...

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