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    Newbie's Mall Guide

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    Newbie's Mall Guide Empty Newbie's Mall Guide

    Post by karazu on 6/9/2009, 4:15 am

    For those who has a question of where, what are the requirements to get custom items.
    well here a guide for you! i Hope You Like it!.

    Basic Information
    NPC Name:
    NPC Coordinate:
    NPC Basic Description:

    Find 1st the Mall & Quest Warper. talk to her so that she will warp you to Louyang [216 112] (Mall Location)
    Newbie's Mall Guide Mallandquestwarper
    Prontera [152 191]

    Note: at the time you are now in louyang you can see lots of NPC which named according to: (see list below)

    Newbie's Mall Guide Gold2Coins
    Golds 2 Coins
    [207 113]
    - This NPC allows you exchange gold to poring coins!. each transaction requires 75pcs gold for 1 poring coin.

    Newbie's Mall Guide LadyClause
    [207 115]
    - This is a Quest NPC that will give you MVP mirror (use for Searching MVP monster) & Kafra Tickets (use for some special transaction at Kafra Corporation)

    Newbie's Mall Guide LadyClause
    [207 117]
    - This NPC will give you 6(six) types of OuterLimitRO Mejiengards or know as OUTERMEGS. thier are different type's of MEGS according to Attribute.

    Newbie's Mall Guide LadyClause
    [209 119]
    - This NPC will give you different type's of wing's "SPECIAL WINGS" that gives special ability. Ex. 25% more damage in ASURA, BOLTS, CT and the others.

    Newbie's Mall Guide AngelinghatQuest
    [209 112]
    - The Only quest NPC that will allow you to make Angeling Hat!.

    Newbie's Mall Guide Lordkahoquest
    Lord Kahos Servant
    [212 119]
    - This NPC will alllow you to make Lord Kahos Horn (LKH)

    Newbie's Mall Guide LadyClause
    Gods Quest
    [215 119]
    - This NPC serves as "The Dwarfs" The Godlike Items maker! you can also build here different colors of Baphomet Horn and Lord Kahos Horn.

    Newbie's Mall Guide Utilities
    [217 118]
    - Just Click the NPC and choose what job do you belong! and the NPC will sell you of what you need, The NPC is selling also foods and scrolls etc.
    Note: not all the items are available in that NPC.

    Newbie's Mall Guide Wingsandgears
    [223 118]
    *This is the answer of your question: where to get custom items?
    - Just click this NPC and you will see a bunch of items! lets say Hundreds of wings and headgears. each cost 50M but yeah zeny is easy since we have a "GOLD ROOM".

    Newbie's Mall Guide CookieBags
    Cookie Bags
    [205 112]
    - This NPC will give you 5pcs Cookie Bag for 100pcs Poring Coins.
    Note: Cookie Bags gives rare items by chance!.
    Sorry for the rain-deer's Sprite i just cannot find the right one in the internet.

    Newbie's Mall Guide 4_f_monk
    Scroll Seller
    [221 120]
    - This NPC sells different type's of scrolls! ex.Agi Scrolls,Quagmire Scrolls

    Newbie's Mall Guide Mallandquestwarper
    Stop D Clock Event
    208 110
    - This NPC is use to make event! for example if the GM wants the time 1000-1005 please click the NPC that if u click it u can get that specific time required 1000-01,02,03,04,1005 will win!

    Newbie's Mall Guide 4_nfcock
    206 108
    - Not sure how this event work But just visit the NPC if some GM wants to held this XD Sad

    Newbie's Mall Guide LadyClause
    Stamp Trader
    203 120
    - This NPC will trade you 1 Food Stamp = 1 Lutie Pan Cakes that will give u +5 str and Heals ur HP for 10% of your max HP

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    Newbie's Mall Guide Empty Re: Newbie's Mall Guide

    Post by M a d n e s s on 6/9/2009, 8:10 am

    nice guide Very Happy
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    Newbie's Mall Guide Empty Re: Newbie's Mall Guide

    Post by V i s i O n on 6/16/2009, 5:34 am

    nice guide.

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