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    I'm applying. [;



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    I'm applying. [;

    Post by Slurpeee on 7/17/2009, 3:05 am

    Hello there,

    My Name is Darcey Amiel Belen.
    I live in Asia, Specifically Philippines.
    My Age is 16, Incoming 17 on October 30.
    I am playing Ragnarok since 2003.
    I was a Past GM of Qro, to be specific. a Police GM, Indeed.
    It was a nice experience, gm'ing 1000+ Players.
    and was a Event GM on ForgottenRO.
    Fluent in English and Tagalog.
    I can share my time with you, my Knowledge. and my Talent.
    And i am willing to share my bare hands in helping/supporting people. I'm not corrupt. I don't play Bias.

    You can trust me, 101 Percent. [;

    Feel free to Pm me on MSN or YM.

    Msn: amieldarcey@hotmail.com
    YM: lilbhentehotsoh

    thanks and goodluck.

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