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    Not Quite the Resume, oh well RO is a game:P

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    Not Quite the Resume, oh well RO is a game:P

    Post by Nefas on 6/10/2009, 10:03 am

    Well.. nothing much to say about myself.. you all know!

    Location: Chennai, India.

    As far as Gaming goes and Destiny is concerned (In Game strictly)... I've got enough! So I wish to pursue some others into Reaching Similar heights through Events and so on..

    I have been here for quite some time in RO so hmm... pretty much use to this virtual eco system. I just intend to spend my time in a different way.

    Three things are out of my league:-

    1: Partiality

    2: Misuse/Abuse of Power

    3: Corruption

    Am sure Most of the folks here know me and Also know that I'am pretty much Online at all peak hours...

    Bottom Line: I can host the Resident Events as often as the number of players Tide in Online!

    Am Fine w/ Everything as long as The Power/Skill/Strength of players relies positively on Versatility and not on Prejudiced Composure(in brief.. Edited equips/stats, Unauthorised Packet Editors, hacks etc).

    If The above are in place New Players will flow in w/o any resistance And we all know OuterLimitRO ROCKS!!
    Which is why we ALL are HERE!!

    The Requisite Ultimatum is A Fair GamePlay... And I can help make that happen!


    PS : Just in case I do get Selected, I wish to keep my identity absolutely confidential For personal reasons and political as well!

    With Regards,

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    V i s i O n
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    Re: Not Quite the Resume, oh well RO is a game:P

    Post by V i s i O n on 6/20/2009, 3:29 am


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