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    About stats!


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    About stats!

    Post by sagucio65 on 10/2/2009, 3:07 am

    May I suggest that can you make the maximum attack speed into 197 instead of 192

    because it's unfair for range ones. they attack slowly not like the melee..

    I don't know whY?..it's my suggestion for the balance of the game between melee and range...

    I had confirmed this because I made a GS and a Sniper.. and that was my observation,,ü

    hope for your consideration..

    Respectfully yours,

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    Re: About stats!

    Post by Outerlimitro on 10/2/2009, 5:48 pm

    u need to get the OUTERMEG DEX +80 then put cards on your pistol 2 hydra + 2tgenerals or phreooni + hydra + 2 tgenerals and on armor u can get the card that adds dex which is Observation Card. and on sniper u need a bow with increase attack or damage using certain arrows... elementals.. check it here.

    this is for the bow.
    Burning Bow - A burning bow that seems it is not possible to grab.
    Add a 10% resistance to the Fire Property.
    If equipped together with Fire Arrow, increases damage by 25%

    Earthen Bow - A bow that looks like it is made in a natural way, making it look like it looks quite natural.
    Small chance to Blind the target.
    If equipped together with Stone Arrow, increases damage by 25%.

    check it on ratemyserver.net
    or check this link



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    Re: About stats!

    Post by Guest on 10/7/2009, 4:57 am


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    Re: About stats!

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