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    @autrade rule for Prontera


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    @autrade rule for Prontera

    Post by Silence on 10/9/2009, 7:07 pm

    The server still progressing for its new seaasion some of us left :airkiss: and found a new home :gyah: Soooo...sad,and other(s) still loyal... :kissing: :goodjob: But lets go on to the topic.cause i'm tired of broadcasting it allover and over again!!.... we changed some of the server scripts so players can vend and make buck.when the server started some vended on Prontera on random area.even theres a vending place (turbo_room) but before vending on Prontera is not stricted because at that time the're few of us online but our comunity are growing..So vending at Prontera is allowed but dont vend on the streets or any places that players well make it a hangout place sidewalk is ok as long as you did'nt distord anyboby..
    But i think i dont need to post this but i need to cause some player(s) dont have any "COMMONSENSE"..Please announce this to all players that didnt read this rule.. "Thank you,more power to OuterlimitRO."

    Sorry for late replied i'm not an forum active!!!
    By the way i like the new koneko emotions thank you to whom gave it...Thanks

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