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    Post by Outerlimitro on 12/14/2009, 3:50 pm

    R U L E S:
    The following rules applies to every individual who plays OuterLimitRO!. Our staff will also follow the same rules but with even more rules applied.

    01. The GM's/Admin's rules and decisions are FINAL.
    02. No teaming would be tolerated and is a jailable offense.
    03. Do not do anything to inhibit a person's ability to play freely.
    04. Bugs are to be reported right away. Any player found abusing a bug will be dealt accordingly on how severe the bug was.
    05. Usage of any illegal programs is not allowed. Any player who will be caught using any third party programs will be banned.
    06. No harassment in this server.
    07. Never ask to be a GM. We will be opening applications if we ever need any.
    08. Do not beg for items, zeny or such.
    09. Items lost due to disconnection, scammed, hacked or server crashes will not be replaced under any circumstances.
    10. Advertising another server is not allowed in-game, in our forums and even in our chatroom.
    11. Do not abuse the Broadcaster. Broadcasting any insults, harassment or even non-sense will be a jailable offense.
    12. Using of characters with offensive names or any name that resembles any of the staff members names will be prohibited. Anyone who would not follow this rule will be asked to delete the character or be banned if he/she refuses to do so.
    13. Do not spam text or spells with noticeable effects or use of area effect skills(AoE skills) in towns if they aren't already blocked.
    14. Please report all suspicious rule breaking to our staff members.
    15. Do not try to exploit the rules or find any possible loop-holes.
    16. Any GM's would not use a useful skills & commands to any players example: buffs, full chemicals, @ recall during woe & so on. If caught your account will be banned for 3 days or GM account will be deleted.

    All rules here are tentative and subject to change at any given time. They are made to make sure everyone may enjoy a peaceful and organized RO experience. Lets try to follow them. Thank you very much.
    Server website: http://outerlimitro.org
    Enjoy Playing ~OuterLimitRO. Have A Nice Play.

    Thank You!

    Admin (Outer)


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