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    CANCER CROWN 01/09/2010


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    CANCER CROWN 01/09/2010

    Post by Outerlimitro on 1/9/2010, 12:56 am

    CANCER CROEN- obtainable using premium tickets which you can get from voting the server on 5 website. to gain points simply log on to our Control Panel website and follow the instruction.

    CANCER CROWN - A magnificent crown created to pay tribute to the 4th sign of the zodiac, Cancer the Crab.
    Attached to the crown is a Ruby gemstone, the birthstone for those born under this sign.
    Increase resistance against "Water" Property by 10%.
    STR + 2 DEF + 1, ATK + 2, FLEE + 5.
    Reduce 10% damage taken from DemiHuman monster.
    Increases physical damage to the Demi Human monster by 10%.
    Increase Walking Speed by 25%.


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