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    private Ragnarok Online installition


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    private Ragnarok Online installition Empty private Ragnarok Online installition

    Post by Silence on 4/4/2010, 10:01 am

    "NOTICED: kRO changing all the time for new update patch that need to install. For all OLRO update check our update installition.")

    If i post installition guide its long and boring its been 10+ yrs since the first Ragnarok Private server created so i just gonna give a hint and advice for updating....

    Notice:Its important to know OuterLimitRO is a kRO updated "dont use any other Ragnarok Online client."

    Updating: You have a kRO kSak but if you still have some trouble playing will try run this icon ~>>"c:/prog../gravity/RO/PATCHUP"
    ( READ ME!!! kRO kSAK will only fully update if your playing the official kRO if you still using windowXP sometimes it work to get all the missing files but im fully recommended to run the Patchup.exe )

    Proper game installition:
    Install OLRO client "if you dont want to damage your original kRO kSAK maybe you gonna use it on the future just create the New Folder on your desktop,install it then run the OLRO patcher wait for full update. SEE this link -> http://outerlimitro.forumotion.com/bugs-errors-f6/autopatcher-errors-solutions-t35.htm
    ( READ ME: Wrong method to paste kRO kSAK to the New Folder you located the OLRO game client the proper way to install is to drag OLRO client to kRO kSAK folder..

    Guide:If you wanna play OuterlimitRO because its cool and fun and you dont want to have some ingame problem to this instruction.

    Installing OLRO:All kRO kSAK/OuterLimitRO are fully updated and ready to combine.. Click all the files or copy all the files in the c:/prog../gravity/RO "You create a New Folder at "c:/prog../gravity/"OLRO"<--New Folder.. Then paste all copied kRO kSAK wait for all the files to be paste then Dont COPY! DRAG THE OLRO client to c;/prog../gravity/OLRO

    Advise:Never Ever paste your kRO client to where folder located a ROprivate server. We copy them they dont copy us! Hope you get what i meant.

    For any server errors,bugs contact admin,co-admin or file a complaint to our OLRO player support team.Thank You!UPDATE LINK![url=UPDATE!]UPDATE![/url]

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