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    Thanks to all who keep us part of your daily life..


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    Thanks to all who keep us part of your daily life..

    Post by Silence on 4/8/2010, 10:22 am

    Its like i'm posting to say goodbye HAHAHA.. Mag handa na nang tissue baka masyado lang madrama!!!

    This thread is dedicated too all players OLRO staff wrote a players review on Ratemyserver.net
    I visited few hours ago and i read all your wonderful comment.."Wow!! I owe alot players a thank you note."
    Ever since OuterlimitRO is been apart of RMS pserver listings we never have 11 players reviews in just short time.
    And i know we did a lot of mistakes for the past seassions but we still keep updating,scipting codeing and think of an idea how to make our server well balance with all character jobs can be use "We're not expecting it to be 100% but with all players support.We can guarante a server that RO fanatics will enjoyed!!! /ok

    This one of the best gift you guys gave to us..I hope Admin-Outer and all working to keep OLRO stay stable balance server as long as we can!! Will apreciated your continuing support to us. Especially to me,Head of OuterlimitRO development unit.. Writing a players review on RMS its an ingame survey means you actually experienced playing to our beloved server and me reading it all the reviews can say...
    "I think i'm doing a great job!!! /no1 THANKS...

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