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    Anthrax's Application


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    Anthrax's Application

    Post by Anthrax on 7/27/2009, 12:43 am

    Name :
    • Patrick Lesaca

    • 20 years old

    Contacts :
    • gloomunderbright@yahoo..com

    Location :

    • Manila Philippines

    Time Of Play a Day :

    • 6 hours School Days / 6-10hours weekends

    Ragnarok Experience :

    • 6 years Experience


    • Support
    • Forum Mod

    Why Do You Want To Be GM ? : I myself like to help players when i help players it always makes me happy but what makes me even more happy is when i help someone and they say thank you or thank you very much when they say that i become filled with joy and motivated to help even more players and my reason is to help players and make them stay in our server for a long time since they will know it is a beautiful server with good GMs.

    Why We Should Approve You As A GM Here : I believe the position of GM is to help players who have trouble with the game. To help one with their struggles and problems would be to fulfill ones duties as a part of a server's GM team. I do not believe that having the letters 'G' and 'M' before my name makes me better than the daily players that contribute to the society and economy of this server. I can only hope that the best of us will be chosen as part of this team, to contribute our time and dedication to making this server an enjoyable RO experience..

    Past Experiences:
    • Support GM on TransfomersRO
    • Co-Admin on ProjectXRO
    • Event GM on RocknRO

    Aside from that, quite honestly, the thing that makes a good GM, to me, is kindness, professionalism, randomness, knowledge and goofyness. There are way too many people out there who say that being a GM is all about being the strict-"icanthaveanyfunandihavetobeinyourfaceallthetime" figure. However, there's a huge difference between laying back and relaxing every now and again, and abusing your powers as a GM to entertain/benefit yourself or your friends. It definitely is a plus when actual in-game GMs know what they're doing universally, but let's be honest, 5/10 GMs out there aren't going to have a clue about actual scripting when they're hired, and if they do, it's slim to nothing. There's nothing wrong with training the interested, though. Also, I don't entirely agree with the idea that they won't help the server move if they can't do everything. That's not true, because with an honest, good GM that's simply there to enforce, support or throw events (and they actually know what
    they're doing, not just slinging around crap), that's going to be huge steps in your community, which quite honestly, is the most important thing a server can have - an amazing community.

    • Kindness - which is a key virtue
    • Patience - which is something most players expect, as well as administrators
    • Randomness - when I say randomness, I mean personality-wise, which isn't a widely known virtue that people would honestly like in their staff. I, personally, would prefer random-ish people among my staff, simply because that's the kind of person that makes me laugh, and that's the kind of person I like to surround myself with.
    •Professionalism - quite obviously, it's a given. if you don't know the appropriate times to be professional about a certain situation, you probably shouldn't be looking for a job as a GM.
    • Goofy - this kind of goes in with being random. some GMs just need to learn how to relax and have fun with the people around them. I, personally, as a player, love goofy GMs, and absolutely adore GMs that now how to lay back and have a good time.
    • Knowledge - obviously. if you don't know much about the field you've been hired to specialize in, you really.. shouldn't be on a staff.

    Qualities :
    • Open Minded
    • Patient
    • Understanding
    • Responsible
    • Active
    • Very Strict On Policies

    I'll get to memorizing the rules right away. *Scampers off with paper and pencil in hand and gets lost*

    • English
    • Filipino
    • Nihongo


    • 1/2 Filipino
    • 1/2 Japanese

    Hobbies and Interests:

    • Basketball
    • Swimming
    • Writing Poems
    • Eating

    •Thank You•

    Add Me In YM: gloomunderbright@yahoo.com

    Kindly Move this topic to "GM Applicant's Forums"
    I can't post there Very Happy thanks

    Best Regards



    Re: Anthrax's Application

    Post by Guest on 7/28/2009, 9:51 pm

    lets wait Sir OuterLimit.
    to move your apply to GM APPLICANTS

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