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    helping the admin

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    helping the admin

    Post by viruz on 11/20/2009, 5:06 pm

    come to think of it, the admin always changing host for us to play laggless and smooth, if u know that this new of ours is VERY expensive so guys if u want to help the server or the admin in paying those big amount of bills, lets help him to gather players to play OLRO or preventing using RPE,WPE..and other programms that make our server looks like a cheater server just to have someones a10tion just play fair thats y the admin focusing balance server to makes us feel home to it and make friends teaching not fighting... if not i dont know if the server will stay strong or lose w/in 1 yr. or 2 like what happen on s1 (players on WOE 200)(guilds attending 10 or more)(guildmates OL 30 -up)(w/ allience)(Guild: namely 5TH element(Replacement long rival guildmates OL 30- above)(Dragonfire newcommer on s1 but a good rivalry againts us)(Replacements buang ang Leader old member Levi and tots)and many more...till the day comes the server going wild and crazy more errors and more attacks forcing JP to close the server...

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